We believe we are different. We offer a consultative approach, building close client relationships that enable us to deliver the appropriate support. Our experience, expertise and interest in the wider recruitment and retention processes enable us to deliver a quick and effective response.
Value for money: We are conscious of the need for clients to budget wisely and seek value for money. We offer a professional service on all forms of recruitment advertising, always working within agreed budgets and time constraints.
In-house Production: Advertisements are produced within our own agency click for examples.
Media: We take as much of the workload from you as possible. As you would expect, we have extensive knowledge of advertising in all forms, (local, regional, national, international, trade, online and radio), providing additional research where necessary.
Copy writing: Our role is to take and interpret a brief from clients. We concentrate on the salient points relevant to filling a vacancy rather than any gratuitous creativity. When we don’t understand, we seek clarification, meeting with line managers who are able to offer greater insight into selection criteria. We particularly pride ourselves on our track record of writing copy for difficult to fill vacancies.
Design for Print: We design brochures, candidate packs, application forms, induction literature, display stands, posters and direct mail material.
.Advertised Selection
.Executive Search
.Response Management
.Psychometric Assessment